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#010 - Favourite Textures!

Hi! This is my first tutorial/guide/list in this case, I hope everything will be clear enough and that my english is not too weird.
alghuls ask me to make a post with my favourite textures, so here we are! ♥
For most of them (almost all) I don't know who is the maker, sorry! I save a lot of stuff and I'm too lazy to write it! :D

#1 - my first choice
I absolutely love her textures midnight_road, I try to use them as often as I can. They really work on my icons, especially the dark ones, which I usually set on screen. My faves by hers:

They are all purple I know :D but I change the colors depending on what I need.

Always by hers, I like these too:

This is the kind of texture I love the most, but sometimes they don't work on my icons! I Usually prefer clean colors and smooth backgrounds, so I use them on lower opacity just to add a bit of depth.

#2 - who doesn't love pretty lights?
Sometimes I'm too lazy to use a brush or unsure about the kind of light I want, so I try a lot of textures who might work! Some of my faves (but there are a lot more):

#3 - grunge, paint, messy look!
I post this all together because, like I said before, I prefer a clean look so I don't use them very often! But when I need something more "dirty", these are my faves!

#4 - complexity is so eye catching!
I love complex icons and I enjoy making them! But sometimes is really hard to find an original idea or a composition that might work, so these big textures are my saviours! I move them around, resize them, change their colors and build my icons on them. I have a lot of these, but apparently today I can't find a shit, sorry! But if you need more, let me know and I'll find them ♥

#5 - textures - non textures // cheating is ok!
Well, sometimes I use the texture as inspiration stuff! I do this especially with the texts: when I found something that could work, I write my own text following the texture layout.
These are 3 example:

same text structure, different lyric.

same idea.

same text structure, different lyric.

That's all! Bye! ♥

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