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#011 - Ask the maker 6.0: The Doctor

1. The Doctor
For this icon I chose these 2 caps:

and this texture from 20insp post.
I like these two caps because the doctor point in one direction and the tardis in the opposite one.
First of all, I cut out the subjects (doctor and tardis) from the background. I usually use the pen tool and then I refine in the quick mask mode, using an hard brush and my graphic tablet. I desaturated the texture and the tardis.
After that, I began to build up my icon, putting the texture on the bottom, the tardis and the doctor on top.
I applied an auto-contrast to each level.

To make the tardis red I created a new red fill layer, clipping it at the tardis level and set it on color.

I picked the complementary color of red (a blue/green sea color) and I painted the hat of the doctor, setting the layer on color.

For me the tardis was too flat, so I took a white brush and I painted over the original light points, making them more visible; this layer is on hard light.

The doctor's face was really weird, too much light and no depth. I took a black brush with a very low opacity and painted on it, setting the layer on overlay; then I took a peach brush and I did the same, setting this layer on multiply.

Before adding the text, I copied and pasted everything on top and I added a bit of sharpen: filter- others - high pass - 0.5. This layer is on soft light; sometimes I set it on overlay, it depends on how much sharpen I need.

Now, the text. The lyric is: allergic to routine and the text's layers are only two.
1. Font: Casual Hardcore; color: the blue/green of the doctor's hat; size:60px.
2. Font: Folks Bold; colors: the red of the tardis and the gray of the background; size: 30px.
I rotated both of them (Edit/transform/rotate), in opposite directions.

I applied the layer mask to this two layers and with an hard brush I deleted the extra text, with some exceptions! I let the "O" wrapped around the top of the tardis and I left the red letters on the bottom over the doctor body.

Final Steps:
I copied and pasted everything on top, setting the layer on soft light, opacity 50%. I created a selective color layer, to change a bit the red and cyan.

To add some lights I chose two light texture: x and x, both on screen.
Finally, I added a levels layer to increase lights and shadows!

Tags: !tutorial

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