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#013 - Ask the maker 6.0: Part 3

game of thrones // the mortal instruments

Hi, I'm here again with my crappy english and poor explaining skills! So enjoy yourself! :D
kirtash_girl asked me the tutorials about the two icons up here and unfortunately they have a huge number of layers, so I'll try to write about them as short as I can!

#1 - Daenerys - Game of Thrones
This one is a bit old, so less details and different process.
The screencap I chose is this, more or less.

I cut out daenerys and the I resized her, putting her on the center of the canvas. Then I picked up a color from the dress and used it as background. I'm not sure about the method I used to cut out the subject here, probably the magnetic lasso tool, I used it a lot before; now I prefer the pen tool and the quick mask to refine.
To light up the base I duplicated the base layer 3 times, setting them on: multiply with 2px of gaussian blur, screen, screen on lower opacity. No soft light and shadow, for now.

Daenerys is the mother of dragons, right? So, let's find a dragon, which I don't have anymore, sorry about that. But I'm pretty sure I found it with google, not so classy, I know. Anyway, I cut out the dragon and I put it under daenerys. Actually, It was black on a white background, so I just set the layer on multiply, deleting the excess. To make this quick let's go to the first daenerys layer, the cut out one, right click on it, select pixel; then go again on the dragon layer and let's add a layer mask. Quick and accurate.

Then I chose x texture, I desaturated it and I set it on overlay, deleting it from the subject in the same way I've done it before.
I added  a vibrance layer, deleting it from the face and the arms because they looked too yellow, ew. I picked a soft yellow brush and painted on the hair because it seemed more white than blonde; I set the layer on multiply.

I chose x texture, I set it on screen and using a layer mask I deleted most of it, except the parts where I needed a bit of light.
I copied and pasted  all on top and I used the variation option to add a bit of blue.
I set x texture on screen.
I set x texture on screen, at 20% of opacity and I inverted the colors (ctrl + i on windows).

> The text
I thought the best position for my text was behind the subjects, more like a part of the background.
I created 3 layer of text. The font is ebrima, I think it's a default one, but to be sure here the download. I changed colors and size on the first two levels, the third one is the same of the first. I roteted them in the same direction of the dragon head.
Finally I added a bit of sharpen and that's all.

#2 - Clary - The Mortal Instruments
Ok, this one is recent, so perhaps I know what I'm going to write :D
The screencap is this, and let me say how much I love it, It's so versatile that I could use it ten times or more ♥ well, until now I used it just twice.

I cut out the subject, this time with the pen tool and the quick mask. I resized the screencap and I chose the position on the little canvas. I picked up a color from the t-shirt, using it as background; for me it's better this way than use the final color from the beginning. For example, in this case I wanted a yellow icon, but the original cap didn't have it, so if I had picked the yellow, the background and the subject would be very different from each other and harder to work with. I prefer to build up the coloring a step at the time. Before starting I applied an auto-contrast level.

I added:
 - a fill layer (#ffbf2d), set on multiply, 40% opacity.
 - a photofilter with a cool filter
 - a vibrance layer: +100 ; 0

Then I did what I call a fake blending, it looks like one, but it's not. I chose another screencap:

I resized and moved it until I saw something I liked; then I set the layer on screen and using a layer mask I deleted the new screencap from the first one. Close crop + negative space always work. The first part is done, now the coloring.

> coloring
I created a new gradient fill layer with this color: #f7cfbc (it's a pink, more or less) and I left it on normal. I took the square brush, the default one (and I have no idea which is the english name, maybe charcoal square? ) and I deleted some part from the subject.
I copied and pasted all on top and I used the variations option to change a bit the colors so they can fit better with the future yellow.

I added two gradient fill layers:
1. color: #df971a; style:linear; angle: -138° ;  I set this on hard light and I used the same square brush that I mentioned before to delete the extra stuff. To smooth a bit the edge I clicked twice on the mask of the fill layer and added 3px of feather.
2. color: #3265d9; style: linear; angle: 57°; I set this on hard light and I deleted the extra color like before.

With a selective color layer I pushed a bit the yellow and the blue.

To bright up the face, I created a new layer and with a soft white brush I painted over it, setting this layer on overlay on a very low opacity. Then I added a levels layer to adjust shadows and lights and a bit of sharpen.

> my dear "friend": the text
This was not easy, I tried a lot of fonts and position, because I couldn't leave the icon without a text, I'm stubborn.
At the end I chose Bebas Neue and I rasterized the layer. Then I transformed it: edit > transform > perspective. I created a new layer and I clipped it at the text one; with a brush I painted with blue, white and yellow, coloring the text. This is the worst explanation ever, I know. Here's a picture to let you see what I mean.

Finally, I painted a stripe under the word demons with a white brush and I added a couple of white lines in the hair.
That's it!

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